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How to convert a mercurial (hg) repository to git

The easiest way to convert from mercurial (aka hg) to git is by using hg-fast-export on ubuntu. If you dont have ubnutu, then you can spin up a server on Digital Ocean for a few cents.

If you have issues with any of the below commands, try prefixing with sudo to elevate privileges.

Install git & mercurial

First we need to install Git and Mercurial:

sudo apt-get install git mercurial -y

Clone hg-fast-export

The hg-fast-export converter is run directly from its repo so we will need to clone it locally.

# we will convert our repos here
cd /tmp

# install converter
git clone

Clone your repository

To keep things simple we are just going to use HTTPS instead of SSH.

hg clone

For the above example this would result in a new folder being created called /tmp/your-repo - we will use this in the next next step.

Export to git

Export your Mercurial repository to a new Git one

# create a new folder for the git version
mkdir your-repo-git
cd your-repo-git

# initialise the new git repository
git init

#run the export (don't forget to change your repo path below)
../fast-export/ -r ../your-repo/

Upload to git hosting

Finally, if you havent already done so, create a new git repo on your hosting provider and them push up the converted repository:

# set the address of your remote git repository
git remote add origin

# push up your changes
git push -u origin --all # pushes up the repo and its refs for the first time
git push -u origin --tags # pushes up any tags